Wednesday, December 1, 2010

my amazing bug is a praying mantis. Ms Tito told us to choose a bug and write some information about it, So I chose a praying mantis. There are many types of mantises and Information about it. The Praying mantis was named by that because of its praying position. They are carnivore insects witch means They eat meat. There are many other mantises that live in the sea,forest and different countries. Some mantises are small some are big some are medium sized But are a family. Some scientist agree that the mantis and cockroaches are closely related. The name mantis comes from the Greek word Prophet or soothsayer. The biggest mantises are called the Tenodera and the archimantis, They are 6 inches long. The smallest mantis is a bolbe pygmaea witch is only one centimeter that is unbelievable.