Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mairangi bay

On the 19TH off November we went to Mairangi Bay and learnt how to keep safe at the beach.
We had lots of fun there swimming playing and learning. there were four lifeguards there names were Megan,Bailey,Rosy and Raquel. They taught us about IRB. IRB means Inflatable rescue boat. The IRB is a boat that life guards use so if someone is far out at sea they can see them with there binoculars and then run to the boat and drive to them. The driver has to go next to the person in the water so they hit them with the boat. we learnt to slip slop slap and wrap Slip means to slip on some clothes Slop on some shoes Slap on some sunblock and Wrap some glasses. We learnt about some waves like surging waves,shore breaker,dumping wave and Spilling wave. The Shore breaker is the most dangerous wave because it will smash you into the shore and it could kill you. The life guards said that if in doubt stay out that means that if you don't want to swim then don't. and never swim if you are tired or cold because you can make some dumb decisions. Always listen to any lifeguards advice and beware of the currents so it doesn't drag you out to sea.

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