Tuesday, September 13, 2011

R.W.C Fireworks In Town

"POOF CRACK!" the fireworks exploded above my head. I was really excited and happy that it was the opening of the Rugby World Cup. It was fascinating and was packed. The firecrackers were beautiful by the looks of different colours and hearing the loud cracks in the sky. But the bad thing was that I had to wait until the train came. It didn't come until another 5 hours or so. I was really angry because I never got to watch the 1st game which was All Blacks versus Tonga. But I still had fun.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Rugby 7 Champs!

Last week we had a special assembly for our Rugby 7' teams. They went to Tauranga to complete a mission to win the AIMS GAMES. There Mission was to Become the NZ National Intermediate Champions They stayed there for about 1 week then came back. They won all there games including the finals and brought the rugby cup back to our school.

The first team they played was Cambridge school who scored 0-50There next game was Whangarei Intermediate who lost by 7-22
Then they challenged Bethlehem who lost by 0-79
After that they challenged Kaitaia Intermediate and Won by 7-29

After all those exhausting matches they became New Zealand's National Rugby 7's Intermediate Champions and the next day they went to the Prize Giving. On Friday night they came back happy and safely and was Proud.