Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The thing I love to do the most is draw, draw and draw, so guess what I did in the holidays?
Well in the holidays I just got a new female puppy and I thought I could draw her. I was thinking that drawing a puppy or a dog was going to be easy but it was hard. It's hard because she runs around too much and is always biting my shoes and me.

So I ended up drawing my other favourite thing dragon ball z characters. At least they don’t run around to much and bite.

I thought I would practise drawing some cars but the back of it was still crocked.

During night time I was drawing more stuff like trying to draw myself on my photos
or draw my whole room.I tried to add more detail and it looked all right.

When the next holiday comes I’m going to practise drawing birds and nature because I’m not that good.

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  1. That sounds wonderful Henry. I love the way you have talked about what you did, and especially the way you shared your thinking about what you drew and why you did it. It is very important as a learner to be able to do that. Well done.
    Just one thing.... I was so looking forward to seeing what you drew. Can you bring it in to school, take a photo and share it on your blog?

    All the best

    Mrs Burt


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