Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Praying Mantis

Do you like what I drew?
The praying Mantis was named by that because of its praying position. When it hides in the leaves it waits and waits and waits until an insect comes so the mantis can feed on it. You may think it is praying peacefully but it is praying dangerously. The mantis is green n so when its enemy comes it hides in the leaves because its green too. Its not easy looking for a praying mantis in the leaves because its camouflaged. The mantis will stalk its prey or make no sudden movements until an insect comes. The Maori name for the mantis is Ro I thought it would be a long one but the name was short. This insect is the only insect that can rotate its neck and look behind it that's freaky. This insect praying mantis has six legs two on the front two on the middle and two on the back. It has powerful forelegs and well developed jaws.

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