Monday, February 14, 2011

All About Me....

Talofa Lava. My name is Henry Tumanuvao and I go to point England school in Auckland. We have many good things happening at my school like we got our new net books,we have our brand new class rooms, and more new people are coming to my school. My favourite subject is art. I really like drawing and I am good at it. On t.v My favourite programme is sponge bob square pants. At school my teachers name is miss Tito. she is a good teacher and helped me learn new things like statistics, graphs and data. Our principle is Mr Burt. he is a great principle at our school. He was the one who help make this happen.!!!THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE A FANTASTIC YEAR WOOHOO!!!

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  1. Hi Henry,
    I have really enjoyed reading your posts. I read your introduction for 2010 and the one for 2011 and couldn't help but smile - you achieved such great things last year and you are going to succeed at even bigger things this year. Keep in touch. I know it may sound alittle soppy but I am really proud of you
    Kia ora

    Mrs Bush


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