Wednesday, May 18, 2011

!Our Taonga Time!

Every Friday we have a unique time called Taonga time. Taonga means treasure in Maori.
There are 7 types of activities like ICT, art, music, team building, p.e, science and Kapa Haka. All the year 7 and 8 students go to different activities.

I go to Kapa Haka but we don’t swap around with the other groups because it is a time for us to practise. In Kapa Haka we sing special Maori songs and do Haka’s. A Haka is a type of dance where we have to look fierce and dance our hearts out and stomp our feet and slap our chest until the end of the Haka. After the Haka you can feel abit soar on your chest but sometimes feels really good.

I'm so glad to be in the kapa haka group because I like to learn new songs and haka’s and like to go hard out.

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